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Brief Description
●  Correcting the flow rate automatically
●  Regulating the flow rate conveniently
●  Presetting dose delivered
●  Indicating the total volume
●  Bionic designed
●  Fast infusion controlled
●  Audio and video alarms
●  Internal battery
●  Lock the flow rate when running for preventing accident
Main Technical Parameters
Flow rate: 1ml/h-500ml/h (1ml/h increments)
Preset dose: volume: 0-999ml (5ml increments)
Indicate total volume: 0-999ml
Flow error: 10%
Internal battery: 11.1V
Power: AC110~240V, 50Hz
Net Weight:1.6kg
Operation Temperature: 5~40℃
Relative Humidity: 70%
Alarms: Flow error (Empty, OCCLUSION), Low battery, AC power error, Preset dose delivered
               finished, Reminder alarm.
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