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Brief Description
●  With a large piece of built-in supersonic crystal, convenient for the pregnant to locate the fetal heart.
●  With an audio record line, which upload the fetal heart tones into computer.
●  With an ability to catch the fetal heart tones of 12-week-old or elder fetus.
●  With a beautiful and delicate design of artificial craft and a feature of being portable.
Main Technical Parameters
Ultrasound frequency: 3.0MHz
Output intensity of ultra sound: <10Mw/cm2
scope of FHR measurement and display:40~220bpm
Accuracy of FHR Measurement: 1bpm
Power of Voice Output: 1W
Ranges of Voice Output Frequency: 500dB--3000 dB
Working temperature :0--40
Relative humidity:30%-80%
Scope of Atmospheric pressure:70kPa-106kPa
Power Supply 9V dry batteries; Matching Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Continuous working time: >4 hours
Product size: 100mm×90mm×40mm
Net Weight: 250g
Gross weight: 300g

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