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Brief Description
●It is light, small in size and easy to carry;
●Accurately measures SpO2 value and Pulse Rate value;
●True color OLED display of SpO2, PR, Pulse Bar, PI & Plethysmogram;
●Multi-direction display, various display modes (Innovative 4 direction display);
●Automatic start measuring after putting finger into rubber cushions;
●Power off automatically without signal for about 8 seconds;
●More than 30hours continuous working time with 2 AAA alkaline batteries ;
●Audible & visible alarm function;;
●Low battery voltage indication
Main Technical Parameters
A. Display mode:
OLCD Display
B. Power supply requirement:
1.5V (AAA size) alkaline battery × 2
Supply voltage: 3VDC
Operating current: ≤50mA
C. Environment requirement
Operating Temperature: 5°C ~40°C
Operating Humidity: 30%~80%
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa
D. SpO2 Parameter Specifications
Transducer: Dual-wavelength LED sensor
Measuring range: 35%~99%
Accuracy: ±2% (during 75%~99%)
±3% (during 70%~75%)
SpO2 alarm: Lower limit: 90%
E. Pulse Rate Parameter Specifications
Measuring range: 30bpm~240bpm
Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% (which ever is greater)
Pulse Rate alarm:
Upper limit: 120bpm
Lower limit: 50bpm
F. Perfusion Index Display
Range: 0%~20%
G. The performance under low perfusion condition
The accurancy of SpO2 and PR measurement still meet the precision described above when the modulation amplitude is as low as 0.6%
H. Resistance to interference of surrounding light:
The difference between the SpO2 value measured in the condition of indoor natural light and that of darkroom is less than ±1%.
I. Resistance to 50Hz / 60Hz interference:
SpO2 and Pulse Rate are precise which are tested by BIO-TEK pulse oximeter simulator.
J. Dimensions.
66 mm (L) × 36 mm (W) × 33 mm (H)
Net Weight: 60g (including batteries)
K. Classification
The type of protection against electric shock:
Internally powered equipment
The degree of protection against electric shock:
Type BF applied part.
The degree of protection against harmful ingress of liquids:
Ordinary equipment without protection against ingress of water.
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility:
Group I, Class B
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