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F15 multi-parameters monitor is designed to match the pace and unique needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal intensive care; anesthesia and peri-operative care. Its intelligent monitoring, alarming, TCP/IP networking and many other features will provide easy, integrated monitoring in any application.
Brief Description
• 15" color TFT LCD screen supports display max. 8 waveforms
• Personated voice reminding alarm; Visual On-display and integrated alarm light
• Display mode: Standard, Large Font, NIBP Trend, Trend Table, Full lead ECG, Oxy CRG.
• Drug calculation and titration table
• Real time ST segment analysis, pace maker detection and Arrhythmia analysis,
• Extended advance function: IBP, BIS, EtCO2, Multi-gas/O2
• Suitable for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonatal patient.
• Supporting storage of 720 hours patient data, 10000 NIBP records and 1000 alarm event.
• External lithium battery
Structure chart:
TFT Color display 
F15 has an integrated color TFT display, with a wide viewing angle, providing high resolution data presentation. Multi-parameter monitor are displayed as large, easy-to-read numeric. 15 inch (1024 x 768 pixel) color TFT LCD rolling and refreshing waveform display.
Information such as patient identification, date and time, alarm information, prompt and error message are also clearly shown.
F15 has an integrated, high resolution build-in thermal printer
The monitor prints the time, the date, trace identification symbols and paper speed when first switch on.
Print width: 50mm
Waveform: 2 channels
Print speed: 25mm/s, 50mm/s
When an alarm limit is exceeded, it is signaled by the monitor in the following ways:
• An alarm tone sounds
• An alarm message is shown on the screen.
• The numeric of the alarming measurement flashes on the screen.
• Alarm Off/Pause Alarms function
  Alarm latching / non-latching:
  Personated voice alarm
Monitor Connectors and Interfaces:
• Parameter cable interface
• AC power input socket
• Network interface
• External VGA interface for connection of alternate display
Standard Configuration:
• Anti-glare screen, • Lithium battery • 5-Lead ECG
• Respiration
• SpO2
• Pulse Rate
• Temperature
Optional Configuration:
• 2IBP, Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring Module (BIS) • EtCO2 (Side stream CO2), Multi-Gas/ O2
• VGA, Thermal printer (50 mm)
• Pediatric / neonatal accessories: reusable NIBP cuff & SpO2 probe
• disposable NIBP cuff & SpO2 probe
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