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Brief Description
VD-620V/620VP can detect the blood stream status of arterial / venous, average velocity; and check the result of finger / toes or part of body's vein anatomies operation;
Blue backlight LCD can display the instant blood flow peak velocity, intensity, the spectrum line, battery capacity, volume, and printer status synchronously;
Built-in rechargeable battery can work after charging;
Built-in printer with high precision can print monitoring blood stream graphics and peak velocity synchronously;
RS-232 port can connect the unit with a computer and archive the data.
Ultrasonic frequency: 8.0 MHz ± 10% ( 5.0 MHz for option )
Speed measuring range: 0-100 cm / s ; ( comparative error ± 20 %)
LCD display graphic range: 0-60 cm / s
Overall Gain: >100 dB
Doppler frequency band: 100 -7000 Hz ± 20 %
Audio band width: 100 Hz -5000 Hz
Battery: 14.4V Ni-MH rechargeable battery;
Power supply: AC 10-240V; 50 Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz ;
Adapter output: DC 24 V ±1 V
Power consuming: < 30 W
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